When Breastfeeding Isn’t Working

breastfeeding mom and baby

Hey there, mamas! Today, we’re diving into the world of feeding babies, with a focus on breastfeeding. I’m Christine Miroddi Yoder, and I’m thrilled to share some insights that might make your parenting journey a bit smoother. We’ll touch on bottle feeding too, but my heart’s set on the beauty of breastfeeding.

Why Does Feeding Sometimes Get Tricky?

Ever wondered why some babies find feeding a breeze while others struggle? Well, there are a few key factors. Let’s break them down in a way that makes sense.

1. Ties: More Than Just Knots

Ever heard of ties? Nope, not shoelaces. We’re talking about ties in the mouth – little restrictions that can affect how your baby eats. Imagine a tiny rope tugging at their tongue or cheeks. These ties can throw off the whole feeding dynamic, making it a bit of a challenge.

2. Reflux: The Sneaky Issue

Reflux is quite common. Believe it or not, dairy can be a culprit. But fear not, many kids outgrow it. Finding the right balance is key – not too much milk or formula. Learn 4 Things To Avoid If baby has reflux.

Navigating the Emotional Rollercoaster

Now, here’s the real talk. If feeding isn’t going as planned, parents often find themselves on an emotional rollercoaster – guilt, shame, frustration. It’s like a low-vibe party you didn’t sign up for. But here’s the thing – those emotions can affect your baby too.

Shifting the Vibe: From Shame to Joy

Feeling guilty or ashamed? It happens, but don’t set up camp there. Shame is like the lowest vibe in an emotional frequency chart. Aim higher – even anger is a step up. Reach for emotions like love, joy, and peace. Your baby picks up on your vibes, so make them good ones!

Finding Solutions Instead of Lingering in Darkness

If you’re stuck in guilt or shame, ask yourself why. Challenge those thoughts. Are you really a bad parent because feeding is a struggle? Probably not. Be solution-oriented, aim for that desire to change – it’s a much better emotional space.

Embrace the Journey

Feeding challenges are part of the parenting journey, and it’s okay to seek help. Tackling ties, managing reflux, and navigating the time crunch might not be easy, but you’ve got this. Shift those low vibes to high vibes, and remember, your baby feels your energy.

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