Our In-Person Services

While we do provide a lot of virtual support to parents worldwide, we do have a facility in central Long Island, NY where parents can come and get in person help. We also travel to see children and families in their homes. Learn more below to learn about our private therapy services. 


Infant Feeding

Evaluations and Therapy

Feeding is instinctual to babies, but that doesn’t mean that it always goes smoothly. Learn about our thorough evaluation process and therapy for infants and babies who struggle with breast or bottle feeding. We also have resources, videos, and help virtually or in person for moms. Click below to learn more. 


kid refusing to eat

Picky Toddlers and Kids

Evaluations and Therapy

Are you concerned with the number and types of foods your toddler or child is eating? Read more about our unique and incredibly thorough evaluation process that gets to the root cause of picky eating. After you know the why, the remediation becomes easier. Learn about our appraoch by clicking below!


kids cooking food

Children's Culinary Institute Cooking Classes

Join our classes designed for toddlers aged 18 months and up! Whether your child is a discerning foodie or a picky eater, our classes guarantee a delightful experience with engaging games, teamwork activities, and educational sessions on food origins. Children will also learn essential skills such as using utensils and appliances, all while enjoying the excitement of tasting new and diverse foods.

The Nesting Place Farmingdale

Our Location

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Do You Take Insurance?

We are out of network with all insurances, which means that if you have out of network benefits, you will be able to contact them, give them our codes, and they will tell you how much they will reimburse of our services. To get the codes, give us a call (516) 669-0434 to get our FREE out of network guide!

Can You Travel To My Home?

We do! It depends on your location, and therapist availability, but we see many kids in home! Call to get availability and pricing for travel.

I have an evaluation from a previous facility, do I still need one?

It depends and is determined on a case by case basis. Okay If the evaluation is over a year old, we would need to re-do the evaluation.

Due to the comprehensive nature of our evaluations, many evaluations are just not detailed enough to give us the information we need. 

We will look over the evaluation free of charge and let you know if it can be used to start services. 

Free Podcast

Check out Christine’s podcast, How to Un-Picky Your Picky Eater, to learn tips and strategies on how to get your picky eaters enjoying mealtimes from a mom and pediatric therapy. Feeding is complicated, but she will help make it simple and less stressful.

Free Articles

In our blog, we’re covering all things related to feeding, including possible causes of your child’s picky eating. Check out our blog posts to learn more about signs to look out for, and what to do about them, and how to get your picky eater more involved with food at home.