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We understand the challenges that parents face when catering to the discerning taste buds of picky eaters.
We understand the challenges that parents face when catering to the discerning taste buds of picky eaters.
Our culinary solutions go beyond the kitchen, aiming to transform mealtime into a delightful experience for the whole family.

Mealtime Mindset

Mealtime Mindset is a guide crafted specifically for parents seeking innovative strategies to conquer picky eating habits.

Filled with practical tips and expert insights, this book is your key to unlocking the joy of diverse and nutritious meals by getting into your child’s mind and shifting mindset – without a mindset shift, it’s nearly impossible to see progress.

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Food Explorer Log Book

Encourage your little ones to become culinary adventurers with our Food Explorer’s Log Book.

It not only documents their foodie adventures but also instills a sense of curiosity about different ingredients and cuisines.

Watch as your children develop a newfound appreciation for the world of flavors!

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The Picky Eater's Plate: Making Every Bite Count

Does your child’s restrictive dietary preferences make mealtime a battleground? “The Picky Eater’s Plate” is your ultimate guide to ensuring your child receives all the necessary nutrients without altering the taste or appearance of their favorite foods.

“The Picky Eater’s Plate” empowers parents with the tools and confidence to provide nutritious meals that look and taste just like the foods their children already enjoy. Transform your daily dining experience from stressful to successful, with every bite packed with unseen goodness.

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Arrives June 1, 2024

Nutrient Dense Recipes For Picky and Selective Eaters

The “Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Picky and Selective Eaters Cookbook” is more than just a collection of picky eater favorite recipes bulked up with nutrients—it’s a toolkit for enriching your child’s diet without drama. Whether your child is a toddler or a pre-teen, or even an adult, this book offers delicious, clever solutions to the nutritional challenges that come with selective eating habits.

Embrace the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is getting the nutrients they need with every bite. Dive into this cookbook and start creating joyful, wholesome meals that leave everyone at the table satisfied.

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Arrives June 1, 2024

Coloring Healthy Food Coloring Book

Mealtime isn’t just about taste, it’s a feast for the eyes too!

Our Coloring Book for Teens and Adults offers a therapeutic escape into the world of food art. Unleash your creativity while exploring vibrant illustrations inspired by diverse dishes, creating a shared experience that bridges generations.

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