Feeding Therapy

Your investment in your child’s health and wellness through this type of therapy helps children learn to accept new foods, increase the amount of food they are eating, and accept new textures of food, which overall leads to better nutrition, health, and their long term relationship with food. Explore our unique protocol to tacking mealtimes that sets us apart from the average therapy practice. 

Here’s how we can help

1:1 Sessions

1:1 Sessions

We offer 1:1 sessions in our clinic, in home, or virtually
Custom Treatment

Custom Treatment

We get to the root cause to develop a custom roadmap based on your child’s exact issues.
Holistic & Child Led

Holistic & Child Led

We are naturally minded and work with practitioners and tools that work with your child.

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Here’s How It Works

Step 1: Comprehensive Evaluation

Our journey begins with a thorough evaluation, encompassing over 14 pages of detailed assessments to give you and our therapists a complete picture of your child’s feeding challenges. We delve into the potential origins of these issues, piecing together everything from sensory sensitivities to motor skills, to understand your child’s unique situation fully. This comprehensive approach ensures that we craft a personalized roadmap, outlining a clear path from their current state to where we all aim to be – enjoying a variety of foods with ease and joy.

The evaluation requires families to complete paperwork ahead of time so we can review it as well as send us videos of your child eating at home. We need time to review these before your appointment. The evaluation is 90 minutes and after it is complete we will have a follow up meeting on the phone to discuss the results and give you your mealtime roadmap on what we see are the major issues as well as how to remediate them, and what order we suggest you start with remediation.  

Step 2: Empowering Education & Innovative Protocols

Setting us apart in our field by a mile, we offer current weekly clients exclusive access to our “Picky Plate to Clean Slate” online, go at your own pace parent course and the transformative Safe and Sound Protocol. We believe in empowering parents with knowledge and tools from day one, ensuring you’re equipped to support your child effectively throughout their feeding journey.

  • Parent Course: Dive into our expertly designed course to understand the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of our therapy techniques. Implementing these insights at home can accelerate progress, making mealtime a more enjoyable, less stressful experience for everyone involved. Parents who engage with our course often report quicker, more satisfying results and a significant improvement in mealtime dynamics.
  • Safe and Sound Protocol: This unique, music-based therapy works wonders on the nervous system, aiding in reducing mealtime anxieties by promoting a sense of calm and safety. Its benefits extend far beyond the table, enhancing language skills, emotional regulation, sleep patterns, and more, setting a solid foundation for successful feeding therapy.

What happy parents have to say

Before feeding therapy, my son was over one years old and still on purées. With Krystal’s help, my son is now THRIVING and eating anything and everything! It’s amazing. At his 2 year doctor appointment even the pediatrician was impressed with how far he has come with eating. Krystal is highly knowledgeable and explains everything she does. Without her help I don’t know where my son would be. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️

Colleen Pandey

My son has been working with the feeding therapists for over a year now. They are all so amazing!! He has had and still has some sensory issues, particularly with food. We really have seen a change in him and his ability to interact with and eat a variety of foods. He loves to be in the kitchen! I can’t even express how thankful we are to have found Foodology.

Monica Tanna

I am 32 years old and have been an extremely picky eater my whole life. My parents tried so many things to get me to eat better – a therapist, reward system and punishment. Nothing worked. I have tried on my own for years and was only able to add on a few foods. Then I looked online for help and found [Foodology Feeding]! Christine Miroddi was able to tell me why I am so picky (tongue tied) and help me try all different foods. She took the steps with me slowly so to not stress me and it worked!! I even tried salmon and liked it and I always said I’ll never try fish. She is a life saver!

Rachel Nunez

They helped my son go from not wanting to put any solid foods even close to his mouth, to trying all sorts of new foods in just a few months. The therapists worked with him on his sensory issues, on self-feeding, and on learning to chew. They were patient and friendly, and through play, made it a very enjoyable experience for my son. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who needs speech and/or feeding therapy. I will never forget how much they helped my son and I am forever grateful to them.

Sheena Rafinia

Olivia is very friendly and extremely engaging with my daughter. My daughter has a fear for doctors and nurses in general or even family members sometimes but the from the moment Olivia walk in I don’t think there’s any time where she cried or didn’t want to do her therapy. My daughter has progressed a lot in the little time span and that’s all thanks to the hard-work of Olivia.. She has a way to make feeding interesting and she takes her time with my daughter… I can’t recommend her enough…

Anisha Seewoo

Healing and Empowering Lives:

Our practice and company are focused on the belief that true healing comes from you, the parents and caregivers. We are committed to guiding our parents and families by helping you turn challenges into stepping steps on your path of self-discovery and personal growth.

Start your Journey of Transformation

This isn’t solely about resolving your child’s current challenges; it’s an opportunity to revolutionize mealtime dynamics and foster a positive connection between your child and food, as well as between you and your child. Every child deserves a wholesome relationship with food. Take the initial step and reach out to us today.

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