These courses are perfect if you want to learn why your child is picky and want some easy to implement strategies to improve your success at meals. 

kids eating food

Unlocking Mealtimes Workshop

Investment of $20

  • Discover key insights into feeding therapy challenges
  • Avoid counterproductive mistakes
  • Learn your picky eater’s archetpye
  • Overcome limiting beliefs hindering progress.
  • Learn our proven method to transform picky eaters into food enthusiasts
  • Immediately implement three effective strategies.
  • Bonus: Get a free Picky Eater Subliminal Audio
Food on forks

7 Plating Strategies For Mealtime Success Mini Course

Investment of $30

  • Learn how to make a plate of food that your kid will eat! 
  • Learn our 7 strategy method to introducing new foods
  • Learn how to use preferred foods as a stepping stone to less preferred foods
  • Learn the basics of food chaining

These courses cater to parents facing persistent challenges with picky eating that aren’t resolving on their own. Although these difficulties are common, they won’t “grow out of it” and require targeted strategies and knowledge.

kids happily eating family meal

Investment of $2,250

(Payment Plan Available)

Picky Plate to Clean Slate

47 Lessons Parent Course

  • Learn mealtime roadblocks that have been holding you back
  • Get a personalized 1:1 assessment about your child’s specific needs
  • Learn how to set up your child’s enviornment and body for optimal mealtime results
  • Learn strategies specifically for parents to implement
  • Learn the mindset strategies that will shift your child from reluctant to engaged
  • Get 7, 30 minute 1:1 sessions with your own feeding coach.
  • Learn about oral motor and it’s pivotal and key role in chewing and overall meal success long term
  • Learn how to get your kids to move past the point of taking just one bite