Many parents believe that therapists are the key to getting their kids to eat. They invest in feeding therapy, hoping it will solve the eating challenges. However, I’m here to share a different perspective. While one-on-one therapy has its place, the real champions in this journey are the parents.

We often present parents with options: in-person therapy vs. our parent course. The parent course might have an upfront cost, but it’s significantly less than prolonged weekly therapy. Why? Because feeding therapy takes time, often several months. Parents who drop their kids off for therapy sessions may find their children needing therapy for a year or more because they aren’t learning the necessary skills to implement at home.

Parents are the true MVPs. Learning how to be the therapist for their child throughout the week is crucial. The course, though it may seem like an initial investment, empowers parents to take charge and make progress at home consistently.

It’s essential to understand that having a degree doesn’t make someone the ultimate expert on your child. Therapy sessions are about learning strategies that parents can implement themselves. While professionals like speech therapists, occupational therapists bring valuable skills, no one knows your child better than you do.

The goal is to empower parents to take an active role in their child’s feeding journey. Instead of relying solely on therapists, parents can learn and grow alongside their children. The bond formed through this shared experience is transformative. The journey is not just about the child; it’s also about the parent’s personal growth.

Learning to approach feeding challenges calmly, changing communication styles, and understanding the child’s unique needs are part of the journey. It’s not always easy, but the rewards extend beyond just the child’s eating habits.

If you’re considering outsourcing the feeding journey by solely relying on therapy sessions, it might take double or triple the time compared to learning and implementing the strategies yourself. Parents can be the guiding force every day of the week, providing consistent support.

To support parents on this journey, we offer resources like our “Unlocking Mealtimes” workshop (which features our exclusive and custom Picky Eater Profile quiz) and a free parent guide for remediating picky eating. Our in depth, flagship course for transforming mealtimes, Picky Plate to Clean Slate, is an incredible hybrid of 1:1 and learn at home on your own time.

These tools help parents identify their child’s unique profile and provide actionable strategies.

Want to learn more? Watch Christine speak about this on this episode of How To Unpicky Your Picky Eater podcast:

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