Infant Feeding​

By investing in your child’s health and wellness through this specialized evaluation and subsequent therapy, you’re paving the way for your infant to feed more efficiently, free from discomfort, and enhancing their oral motor abilities. This, in turn, lays a solid foundation for their long-term, positive relationship with food.

This therapy is intended to help:

Lip blisters
Excessive spit up
Colic and crying
Poor latching
Falling asleep during feeds

Tongue and lip tie

Failure to thrive

Extended time to feed

Babies naturally know how to eat, but sometimes feeding can be tricky. A lot of things can make it harder, causing stress for parents. Some parents worry, but doctors might not be concerned if the baby is gaining weight. If you still worry, that’s okay! We recommend talking to our trained staff for an evaluation. Just because a baby is gaining weight doesn’t mean everything is perfect, and ignoring other concerns can cause more stress.

Here’s how we can help

1:1 Sessions

1:1 Sessions

We offer 1:1 sessions in our clinic, in home, or virtually
Custom Treatment

Custom Treatment

We get to the root cause to develop a custom roadmap based on your child’s exact issues.
Holistic & Child Led

Holistic & Child Led

We are naturally minded and work with practitioners and tools that work with your child.

Our Process

Step 1: Complete An Evaluation

Virtual or in person, we can support and evaluate what issues we see structurally and functionally that are impairing your child’s ability to feed effectivly. The evaluation and first session are combined into one 90 minute session. We provide strategies immediatly and give parents exercises and strategies to start trying at home from our first meeting.

Step 2: Weekly Follow Through
Feeding happens so often with infants that follow through with exercises and strategies multiple times per day will be essential to see progress. We recommend as many natrual and holistic methods as possible to reduce stress and colic in infants and may recommend you follow up with other professionals as well to see optimal results. Each week, we go over what went well and where you are still seeing struggle until there is none. Depending on the severity of symtoms, this may be only 2-3 sessions, or 2-3 months or more. It all depends on how consitent you are with follow through and how severe the issues are.
Resolution and Follow Up
Not all infants will be seen when they start solids. We like to have parents of our babies check in when they start solids to ensure they are having a positive experience, as many infants with feeding issues go on to have issues with solid foods as well. 

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What happy parents have to say

I was introduced to [Foodology Feeding] when, after trying every bottle on the market, I could not get my daughter to drink milk while I was away. After months of frustration, our baby continued to drink only 4-5 ounces of milk through the 8 hour work day. Compounded with numerous GI issues and a dairy intolerance, and I was simply at a loss as to how to help my child grow. I worked with lactation consultants, feeding therapists, and every mom that I knew. Nothing worked…
The team at [Foodology] met virtually with my daughter and I. She completed a very thorough evaluation including nursing, drinking from a cup and straw, and eating solids. My first notice was that the providers were incredibly comforting through the process, both for my daughter and I. They utilized creative ways to assess the skills without putting any undue stress on my child. The team was very knowledgeable, and explained the process and interpretations through a holistic approach. While the specialists I had worked with previously explained pieces of the puzzle, the [Foodology] team was truly the first and only to find the root cause of bottle refusal. They worked to explain the interaction between physiology and behavior/ experiences, all of which created the aversion and subsequently would lend to the solutions.
I am so thankful that I found [Foodology] Therapy. For any parent out there who is at a loss as we were, I highly recommend this company. While there are ample providers out there, I can tell you that you will walk away from [Foodology] with deeper knowledge and relief for your child. Good luck – and don’t worry! You will be in good hands.

Colleen Pandey

We started feeding therapy with Christine since my child was about 5 months. Her evaluation was comprehensive and through. Each appointment she was fully focused on my child and always listens to what I’m saying as a parent. I never felt like I wasn’t being heard. She is always available to help in between appointments. She has been with our family through pre and post tongue tie release as well as feeding therapy. I have learned so much from her. She has a great deal of knowledge and is always willing to help. I moved from NY and she was able to help us virtually. She would always send us handouts with pictures of what exercises we should be doing with our child and links to toys/tools needed for my child to make a stressful experience a little better. From tummy time, to oral play, to feeding therapy, suck/swallow exercises and more – Her advice is valuable and comes from experience.
Christine truly genuinely cares about her clients, understands a parent’s struggle and we’re so grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for our family.

Maryam J

As a first time mom, I had several pediatricians and lactation consultants downplay my concerns. My 4 month old daughter who was 3 months old at the time would only consume 1-2 oz during a feeding. She was never fussy or seems to be in discomfort at first. But over a period of time she grew an aversion to eating and would cry if I even approached her with a bottle. Her pediatrician told me that she is just small and is growing on her own curve and to not worry. Well needless to say I worried and my baby was having more and more issues with gaining and growing. I tried so many different bottles, colic medication anything and everything I could think of and nothing was working. I finally as a last resort reached out to Christine and she was absolutely amazing. She was able to get me in for a virtual appointment the next day to assess my baby. Just by listening to my concerns and assessing my baby she was able to give me an educated diagnosis. And sure enough after getting the medical work up she was correct. My baby had both tongue and lip ties that caused my little girl to have sever colic, silent reflux and a high arched pallet. She explained to me how all her eating issues were related to the ties. I have now since gotten her oral ties revised and put my babes on reflux medication and my 9 pounds 3 oz baby is now drinking 4 oz bottles no longer had an aversion to eating and is growing. Words cannot express how thankful I am for Christine and her expertise. Without her my baby would be put on a feeding tube and further behind on the charts. Not only did she diagnose my baby but she made me feed validated as a mom. And she has been so amazing with answering any questions or concerns that I had had since my baby had her revisions. I will always recommend Christine 💗

Natalia Marchbanks


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