Early Intervention for Feeding Disorders Matters

baby refusing to eat food

Hey, folks! Ever wondered why it’s so important to get help early when someone’s having a tough time eating? Well, this article is here to spill the beans in a simple and friendly way.

Understanding Feeding Troubles

So, feeding troubles can mean things like finding it hard to swallow, not liking certain foods, or sticking to a really small diet. There are lots of reasons for these issues, like issues with gut and digestion, sensory sensitivities, oral motor weakness, and more.

Spotting Early Signs

To get help fast, it’s crucial to spot the early signs. Keep an eye out for things like struggling with sucking, chewing, or swallowing, dropping several preferred foods, not growing as expected, or feeling upset during meals. Most kids who struggle actually have signs as early back as infancy. Difficulty latching, a low milk supply in mom, struggles finding formulas or bottles that work, refusing the pacifier can all be signs of early trouble brewing!

Why Early Help Is Key

Getting help early is like giving a superhero boost to a kid’s growth and happiness. Here’s why:

1. Better Eating Means Better Growing
Fixing feeding issues early makes sure kids get all the good stuff they need to grow strong, focus and learn in school, and develop properly.

2. Easier Fixing Up
If we catch the troubles early, it’s way easier to fix them up. Quick fixes mean less time spent on and in therapies.

3. Growing Up Happier
Eating right is like a magic potion for growing up smart, strong, and happy. Early help sets the stage for awesome future growth. Plus no stress and tantrums at mealtime? This makes literally everyone happier.

4. Less Stress for Families
Feeding issues can be a big headache for families. Early help makes it all easier, so everyone can relax and enjoy life more.

Tips for Getting Help Early

1. See the Experts
If you think something’s up, chat with feeding experts (like special trained speech pathologists or occupational therapists). They’re the superheroes in this story! Make sure the person you go to has training in all aspects of feeding and swallowing and can properly assess oral motor, food sensitivies, sensory sensitivities, enviornment, and more!

2. Get the Full Scoop
A pro with the right training will check everything to understand the start of the issue.

3. A Plan Just for You
Once they know what’s going on, the pros make a plan that fits your kid and you perfectly. It might be some fun therapy, trying new foods, or just managing mealtime better. 

4. Parents, You’re the Heroes Too
Learning about feeding issues and how to help is a big deal. Parents, you’re the MVP of mealtimes, making sure the plan sticks at home!

Team Up for Early Help

1. Super Team to the Rescue
Fixing feeding issues often needs a super team – feeeding experts like speech patholgoists and OTs, doctors, and nutritionists. Teamwork makes the dream work!

2. Families, You’re the Champions
Families are the real heroes. Helping at home and giving lots of love makes all the difference.

Getting early help for feeding troubles is a must. Spot the signs, talk to the experts, and work together as a team. With a plan, a great team, and family love, kids with feeding troubles can become happy, healthy eaters. Remember, the sooner we help, the quicker we beat the eating challenges. Go team!”

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