Why I Give Dessert With Dinner?


So lately my son has been asking me for snacks with breakfast and at first I slipped back into my old headspace – “no, you need to have xyz first” “no that’s not a healthy food we need healthy food first” Because my belief was that if he eats a snack first he wont eat the healthier food. 


And I realized that I was falling into the same trap set up long ago. 


And more importantly – I asked myself– Is this true? And the answer is— NO! How did I know that? Because I can eat a snack and then eat something healthy right after? Why can’t he?


I was unintentionally pitting one food against another. I was unintentionally making the snacks the more desirable food — opposite of our goal, right?


This took me longer than I would care to admit to realize this fact.


So what did I do? 


I stopped saying that altogether. 


Now I have been putting the snack with the meal (only if he requests it) because I don’t want to put that snack up on a pedestal. 


It’s a small portion. So if it’s fruit snacks – I put 3-4 fruit snacks along with the pancakes or egg sandwich. 


BUT Guess what – he eats BOTH! 


Problem solved, everyone is happy 😀


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