Fish Oil: How it Helps Kids Feel Better

Why Fish Oil Can Transform Your Child

3 Reasons Why Fish Oil Can Transform Your Child

Now I will say for us personally, fish oil was absolutely life changing. To the therapists and professionals that were working with him it was very very apparent that fish oil was transformational for him. 

We’ve since switched up the type of fish oil we have used, but I do love the original one we used a lot. I’ve recommended it to lots of people. Some have had crazy success as well, others who had slower progress, but progress nonetheless.

The key is high doses of fish oil, the DHA and the EPA and in the one I am linking below, the addition of vitamin E is also crucial. 

Here we go 3 Reasons Why:

  1. Fish Oil is antiinflammatory 
  2. Facilitates communication between brain cells and assists in the function of neurotransmitters
  3. Improves Depression symptoms

So what changed? 



✅Regulation of Sensory System – calmer

✅Emotional Regulation

By the end of the first week I heard him say mama for the first time and by the end of the first month he had about 30 words from about 4 inconsistent words pre fish oil. It was— dramatic! 👀

We did this every day for probably 8 months or so before I switched to a different one and it was purely for monetary reasons. The fish oil was expensive and he was doing well so I switched to another brand I didn’t have to order from Amazon.  

It really got us to that next stage in his development and he was able to absorb the therapy and he made leaps and bounds super fast. 

Now will everyone have this same dramatic result? Of course not. Every child is different, but if your child is lacking EHA and DHA, if they have brain inflammation, then yeah this may help! The good news is that it can’t hurt. It’s a necessary natural thing the brain requires to work properly. So in my eyes just as a mom not as a professional – and take that for what it’s worth to you – but there’s no downside to trying this out. 

Link To The Fish Oil Supplement We Used: 

Link To The Choline Supplement: 

Link To The Book That Explained Why Using These Supplements Is Beneficial:


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