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🍳✨ Welcome to our Culinary Adventure for Young Chefs! 🌟👩‍🍳

Embark on a flavorful journey into cooking classes, where your child’s love for food (or lack thereof if they are picky!) meets the excitement of learning! Our engaging and interactive cooking classes for kids are a blend of food science, culinary skills, and the joy of healthy eating. We believe in creating an experience where every child, regardless of age, relishes the art of cooking and develops a love of food.

🧁📚 Imagine a world where your little ones dive into the world of food, sprinkled with a dash of mathematics, garnished with patience, and stirred with creativity. In each class, your child will not only whip up tasty treats but also learn the health benefits of what they’re creating and understand the origins of the ingredients.

🌱🍎 Learning about the source and significance of our food is an essential part of our culinary journey. We believe that by understanding how and where our food comes from, children can make informed and healthy choices that will last a lifetime.

🔧👨‍🍳 Our curriculum is carefully crafted to introduce new skills and tools, providing a hands-on experience that extends beyond the kitchen. Under the expert guidance of our chefs and the collaboration and direction of the esteemed Chef Arlena from the Culinary Children’s Institute, your budding chefs will embark on a comprehensive skill-based culinary curriculum.

📚🍽️ Each four-week session delves into specific foods, skills, or tools. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, creating a foundation that transforms young cooks into skilled chefs. From mastering basic knife skills to understanding the science behind baking, every class is a step closer to culinary excellence. Each month a new skill will be taught and recipies will correspond to practicing that skill. Classes are ongoing throughout the year.

Join us in creating a world where your child not only savors the delicious treats they create but also gains a deeper understanding of the culinary arts. Enroll today and let your little chef’s journey into the world of cooking begin – a journey filled with flavor, fun, and a lifelong love for good food! 🌈🍽️

The Children’s Culinary Institute curriculum takes the lead nationally in reintroducing flavor and enjoyment to foundational learning! What could be more delightful than delving into fractions when the reward is a delicious treat? Understanding the origins and health aspects of our food empowers us to make informed and positive choices. The curriculum seamlessly incorporates the development of novel skills and the exploration of new tools. Each installment of our monthly series revolves around a specific theme, be it cooking techniques, baking skills, or recipe mastery. Our menus feature kid-friendly meals and snacks, enriched with an extra layer of academic engagement. Join us in turning learning into a flavorful adventure for your young chefs!

Sensory Cooking

18 Months – 2.5 Years 
  • Designed to provide a stimulating and interactive environment for both children and parents
  • Fostering sensory development and creating a positive foundation for healthy eating habits.
  • Parents receive practical guidance on meal preparation, introducing new foods, and navigating through challenges related to feeding toddlers.
  • The primary focus of the class is on encouraging children to explore food through touch, taste, and feel in various sensory areas.
  • Build positive associations with food, a foundation of preventing picky eating.
  • Each week, a new lesson is introduced for parents, covering essential topics such as food aversion, eating cues, meal preparation, and more.
  • Supportive community for parents to share experiences, challenges, and successes.
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3-4 Year Olds
  • Children learn about handling utensils, using appliances under supervision, and understanding basic kitchen hygiene.
  • Encourages a positive attitude toward nutrition.
  • The class features various food games that make cooking enjoyable for young minds.
  • Kids get to touch, smell, and taste new ingredients, fostering an openness to trying different foods and expanding their palate.
  • Children learn about the importance of nutritious ingredients.
  • Kids actively participate in simple food preparation activities, fostering a sense of accomplishment and independence in the kitchen.
  • Children have the opportunity to decorate, assemble, and plate their creations, fostering a sense of pride and creativity in their culinary endeavors.
  • Take-home recipes enables families to recreate the cooking experiences at home.
  • Collaborative cooking activities promote teamwork and social interaction. Children learn to share responsibilities, communicate with peers, and work together
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5-7 Years Old
  • In our classes, children learn to measure ingredients, understand proportions, and grasp fundamental mathematical concepts through hands-on activities. Whether it’s counting eggs, dividing ingredients, or understanding cooking times, these math skills are seamlessly integrated into the cooking process, making learning a tasty adventure.
  • We encourage our little chefs to be adventurous by introducing them to a variety of ingredients from different cuisines. 
  • Safety is our top priority, and that’s why we’ve designed age-appropriate activities to teach children essential kitchen skills.  Learn the basics of using kid-friendly knives and blenders. These skills not only enhance their cooking abilities but also instill a sense of responsibility and confidence in the kitchen.
  • Cooking is a communal activity, and our classes emphasize the importance of teamwork and social skills. From working together on a recipe to sharing the joy of a successfully cooked dish, children learn the value of collaboration, communication, and cooperation.
  • In our cooking classes, every dish is a canvas for creativity. Children are encouraged to express themselves through their culinary creations, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. 
July 3, 10, 17, 24 At 11:00 AM
kids cooking class
8-10 Year olds
  • Cooking involves following step-by-step instructions, which helps children develop their reading comprehension skills. They learn to interpret and execute instructions in a sequential manner
  • Cooking inherently involves math, from measuring ingredients to adjusting recipe proportions. Children practice basic arithmetic, fractions, and even more advanced concepts such as unit conversions while working on recipes.
  • We exploring recipes from different cultures to expose children to diverse cuisines.
  • Cooking often requires teamwork, encouraging children to collaborate, communicate, and share responsibilities. These social skills are essential for both academic and personal development.
  • Cooking allows children to unleash their creativity by experimenting with flavors and presentations.
  • When faced with challenges, such as adjusting a recipe or solving a cooking problem, they develop problem-solving skills.
  • Following a recipe involves managing time effectively. Children learn to plan and organize their tasks, understanding the importance of timing and coordination in the kitchen.
July 3, 10, 17, 24, at 12:30 PM

We are located At The Nesting Place, 2 Dubon Court, Farmingdale NY 11735.


Please note our classes require at least 4 children to run. In the event less than 4 children sign up, your money will be refunded and you will be notified.

How Do You Handle Food Allergies?

We take allergies very seriously, and never want anyone to get sick or injured from our classes. We ask about allergies on the registration form, and while we can swap out ingredients or swap receipies to accomodate food allergies, it’s important to remember that it is not possible to have an entirely sterile area of all types of allergens. Please consider your children’s safety for airborne allergies and severe allergies that can be triggered by contamination of the allergen on cooking surfaces before registering them for cooking classes. You can contact us about private cooking lessons in your own home instead as an option to maintain safety.

What Do Kids Need For Each Class

Sensory Class: Nothing extra is required.

Pre-K: $20 The apron is required.

Kindergarten And Up: $30 The apron and CCI notebook are required (It will include the notebook, sheet covers, handouts helpful for cooking. This will also be where they can keep recipes and handouts from class.)

Can I Sign Up For Just One Class?

Because kids are learning skills, each class will build upon the next, so we don’t allow parents to sign up just here and there.

Themed classes are perfect for you, as each session is unique and self-contained, with a specific theme and focus that can be completed in a single day. If you’re unable to commit to weekly classes but still want to learn and have fun in the kitchen. these classes are an excellent option. While themed classes are not held on a regular schedule, you can stay updated by checking our website for the latest offerings.

Is There A Sibling Discount?

Yes! You get $10 off each additional child you sign up! Just email us after you complete sign up and we will refund you the $10.

How Should Students Dress For Class?
  • Each enrolled student (pre-k and older) is required to wear the uniform apron, and bring the cook binder (Kindergarten and up) for classes- ONE TIME FEE
  • Students should wear short sleeve shirts and close toed shoes.
  • Long hair should be pulled back, or bring something to pull it back with.
Do Parents Have To Stay?

The sensory class parents are required to stay. The sensory class is as much for parents as it is for the children (like 2 classes in one!)

For Pre-k and up, this is a drop off class.

Are There Make Up Classes?

Due to our rental agreement, it is not possible to offer makeup classes for individual students. If the instructor cancels, a refund will be provided for that class. If there is inclement weather, we will offer a rescheduled class.

Will You Repeat Lessons?

The curriculum from Children’s Culinary Institute is a 3 Year curriculum, so your child can take classes for three years before ever repeating a recipe! Skill based lessons are the focus of the classes.

Is The Food Organic?

We make every effort to have all the food be organic! It’s something we firmly believe in providing!

Do Kids Have To Eat The Food?

Nope! We never force or require any of our kids to try food they are not ready to try! Many kids will try food when they see other children eating it and when they have the ownership of making it themselves!

My Child Is A Picky Eater, Is This Class Appropriate?

110% ! The focus is positive food exposiure in a group setting! So this is ideal for picky eaters and foodies! We don’t require kids to try food but many will taste the foods! Meal prep is a key pillar of picky eating remediation that we teach our parents in our priviate therapy sessions and parent courses.

How Long Is The Class?

All classes are 45 minutes!

What Is The Cost?

Each 4 week class, regardless of age, is $185.00 per student.

For Prek: There is a one time, $20 fee for the Apron, which must be brought to each class.

For Kindergarten and Up: There is a one time, $30 fee for the Apron and the Notebook, both of which must be brought to each class.

Are classes ongoing?

Yes, each month a new skill will be taught and new recipies cooked! If you would like to set up recurring payment, you can at any time. If there’s a month you know you will be busy, you can skip that month and resume when you can.


Will I receive a welcome email?

Once your payment is complete, consider yourself registered! Make sure you complete in intake form and if prek and older purchase your starter kit! One week before classes begin, you will receive a welcome email as a reminder as well as information for your class.


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