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About Picky Plate to Clean Slate

We know you’re a passionate parent who wants the best for your child and we bet you are ready to break through feeling exhausted, frustrated, or helpless when it comes to your child’s eating. We give you permission to take control over your child’s destructive mealtime habits and achieve ease, joyful mealtimes, and a sustainable love of food. In this course, Christine Mirrodi Yoder and Syllvia Zaki will help teach you to learn how to remediate your child’s reluctance towards new food in a gentle way.

Picky Plate to Clean Slate Hybrid Course

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Learn tips and strategies on how to get your picky eaters enjoying mealtimes from Christine Miroddi Yoder, a mom and a pediatric feeding therapist. This podcast is easy to take with you on the go and will give you ideas that you can easily implement at your next meal.

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